One year ago I became Norwegian. Or more precisely, I became a Norwegian citizen. People around me have reacted in different ways. Some people were sad. Like I've given up something. Lost something. Others verge on insulted, like I've rejected my country of birth, and thus by extension them. (Note: I haven't given up my... Continue Reading →


When my oldest three were babies and toddlers, for like my first five or six years as a parent, I knew everything. I could have written a book. Sure I had to adjust to becoming a parent. I read some books which resonated with me, I learned some theories which aligned with my natural parenting... Continue Reading →

In your honor

  It’s the time after. The hollow empty time, when we’re supposed to be done with grieving and life just goes on.     When you become a parent there's lots to learn, no matter where in the world you are. But when you're in a country you didn't grow up in yourself, the learning... Continue Reading →


Since the election I've been listening. Reading, hearing what people are saying. I thought I was progressive before. And I was, but my definition of progressive had crystallized 15 or 20 years ago and I had only kept up with the discourse on a superficial level since then. My social justice awareness developed within the liberal... Continue Reading →

Not that kind of immigrant

"Oh, but you're not that kind of immigrant." Someone said that to me once, years ago. They were going on, complaining, immigrants ruin everything and take government handouts and don't try to get jobs and don't try to learn the language and don't care about integrating, and yeah, ruin everything! And so on. I listened... Continue Reading →

Stay Awake

What a week, huh? My head hurts, my heart is heavy. I want to write about something else than Trump, but it's all I can think about when I sit down to type. The election is already being analyzed up and down, back and forth, and it wasn't my intention to make this a political... Continue Reading →


Now we grieve. We mourn the fact that almost half of America thinks racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia are ok. That reactionism won this election, and that we underestimated the amount of anger and fear in our midst. Now we hold our children close. We raise them gently. We give them all the love and security... Continue Reading →

Life on planet Norway

Growing up I wanted to have 10 kids. I also quite seriously thought I would have them on another planet. I read a lot of science fiction and I was sure technology would catch up with imagination by the time I was an adult and we’d all be choosing which planetary expedition group to volunteer... Continue Reading →

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